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We are jumping into the 2021 season with so many types of sunflowers to brighten up your space. Our colors will range from traditional sunflowers to reds, chocolate, gold, bi-color and everything in between.

Each arrangement is in a quart Mason Jar and will have 10-15 sunflowers and farm fresh filler.

8 Weeks

Our 2 month (8 weeks) subscribers will receive a bouquet in a quart Mason Jar with 10-15 blooms and farm fresh filler. The subscription begins the following Monday after payment for 8 consecutive weeks.

                                              Price: $200 with waived delivery fee, *Within 15                                                      miles of our farm

4 Weeks

Our monthly subscribers will receive a quart Mason Jar sunflower arrangement with 10-15 sunflowers and farm fresh filler. 

This starts the Monday following your payment for 4 weeks

                                      Price: $1oo with waived delivery fee. **Within 15 miles                                       of our farm

Our subscriptions are based on the idea of Community Supported Agriculture. 

What is CSA?

Community Supported Agriculture is a way for consumers to have a direct line to their farmers and provide payment at the beginning of the season in exchange for products throughout the season.  By supporting your local farmer you know who grew, harvested and their agriculture practices and ethics. 

We do not use any pesticides or chemical treatments on our flowers that you bring into your home and admire close up. Big box stores import flowers from abroad and they are treated with pesticides and do not have the best vase life. To continue reading see our blog post about buying local and why it can be the best ethical choice. 

This trust in your local farmer allows them to continue purchasing seeds and save time marketing crops every week. 

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