Our Journey to Farming

by Rebecca Rhinehart

For many years we lived in Charleston in a rented townhome with a small front and back porch. It started with succulents, because we worked so much and had little time to care for anything else. We accumulated containers and seeds for vegetables but didn't get to them until March 2020. After all of this newly found free time and a new season change, why not play in the dirt? 

This meant the bulk of March and April were spent watching seedlings come out of the dirt to avoid watching the news. 

Above is where Eaddy Acres started, in a less than desirable neighborhood in North Charleston.  

Every square inch of our front and back porch was covered in herbs, vegetables and succulents. Beans trellising up hand rails, pea plants growing out of hanging planters. But we hit a wall with our space available and something had to change. All of our power tools and soap making supplies were crammed in this townhome and to do any work we had to set up outside. Not the ideal set up for crafters trying to make an income from blacksmithing and soap making 

This is where our expansion dream started, with plans to leave the city in maybe 5 years and buy land. Our plans were expedited when we purchased a travel trailer and decided to park it stationary on a family members 3 acres to see what we could farm. 

Eaddy Acres is located in such a great spot to serve and reach communities who don't have the space or time to produce their own food. The West Columbia to Little Mountain area is extremely accessible. We will be attending farmers markets in Downtown Chapin and Lexington, hope to see you guys there!